Racial Inequities in Prince George’s County: 2011–15

Prince George’s County, Maryland, faces a challenge in overcoming the racial and ethnic inequities in education, income, employment, and homeownership that differ by outcome and by council districts. This brief measures inequities by race and ethnicity in Prince George’s County and its council districts and provides a profile on what racial equity would look like in the county. Quantifying this information will help agencies, policymakers, and advocates recognize the community’s needs and to build new solutions and create a more equitable county.

Prince George's County detailed tables

This brief was updated in February 2018. We replaced the data for Hispanics in figure 6 to show the share of adults with a high school degree (the earlier version showed the share without a degree). The detailed tables were also updated in February 2018. The margin of error for the child poverty rate for Hispanics and Asians were incorrectly assigned on the “Income” worksheet and are now corrected. The data on the “data_ACS” worksheet remain correct.