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Asian American Youth Leadership Empowerment and Development (AALEAD) provides after-school, summer, and mentoring programs for underserved, low-income Asian American youth in the greater DC area. Neel Saxena, executive director of the program, aims to help youth grow into their identities as Asian Americans, shake off the stereotype of the model minority, and feel empowered to lead their communities.

The District of Columbia Housing Authority waiting list for Housing Choice Vouchers contains more than 40,000 families, even though the list closed in 2013. Like cities across America, DC has an immense need for stable, safe, and affordable housing, with thousands of households struggling to pay their rent each month.

The Washington, DC, region is one of the nation’s most economically vibrant areas, but it contains striking levels of inequality. Community development financing in support of affordable housing, small businesses, and community facilities is designed to lift up places that have insufficient access to capital. But how equitably are community development resources distributed across the DC region?